About Jeanne

Anxiety doesn't have to hold you back. Transform its energy and it'll guide your purpose.


Being outside is where I'm most at home. You'll find me either fixing fence, tending to the coop, checking out the garden, playing with one of the horses, or working with our newest rescue, Dodo, a 80+ lb, Tigger-bouncing boxer mix. Did I mention that he came with springs in his feet..? ;)

Nature is my happy place and where I recharge and reconnect. Finding this daily routine wasn't all that easy and took a long time though, as I spent a large chunk of my life raising a family. While deeply satisfying, being a mom meant that I lived many years of my life in the backseat.

Shifting away from a life "for others" to a life "for myself" has been deeply healing for me and transformative for my anxiety, but not something I had to wait for. The "Be yourself" path to finding relief can happen at any time.  

The Horses

Nearly 35 years ago, horses saved me. My dad died while I was in high school, and the only thing that made the world feel semi-safe after that was going to the barn. For me, the horses were an enormous source of comfort and taught me how to let love in again. I owe them my life and want nothing more than to pay it forward by showing as many people as I can how to connect, for it is through the horse, we can find our way back home.

The top picture is me with Luka, at the time, a yearling (one year old, in horse speak). Yes, ONE! We joked that his momma must have been part giraffe ;)

Insatiably curious, Luka has a wide-open, eager to please heart, but always asking, "Are you SURE I need to expend that much energy?" For him, work must have playful purpose. Brilliant.

The middle picture is a throwback to my showing days. And if you are horse-y, don't judge. Yeah. I was ducking right, jumping ahead on a horse that was allllmost hanging and def too loose below the knee... we mighta left a little long for an oxer lol, but it's all I got picture-wise from back in the day ;)

The bottom one is me with Maggie and Lourdes at Christmas.

Every horse is different and fascinating to get to know. They are natural mirrors and show us who we really are. When a horse senses anxiety in a human, the message that lands is, "You are untrustworthy." So to build a relationship, we have to learn how to let go, be present, and be authentic.

My Vision

For many years, I hid my high sensitivity. Anxiety ruled my life, and my true nature felt like a liability. I now see things much differently and believe that being highly sensitive is a valuable asset. It's what enables me to experience things that go beyond what is "real" and know the Greater Reality, which, if enough people make contact, I believe could change the world. 

Anxiety is trying to get our attention by pointing us toward the source of unease that we feel. It's an unease that says "something is wrong," which for most, is not what we think. The something wrong isn't "out there"... it's that we don't show who we really are, our truest self, and lasting relief can only come when we do.

We are being invited to evolve, recognize that there is much more to life than what we see, and it starts by trusting that we have everything we need to safely navigate the unknown. 

If I did it, so can you!

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