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Anxiety Helps Us to Birth a New Humanity

I’ve never thought of myself as a psychic, and I still don’t. I’m also not an astrologer and can’t read the stars. But when I look back at my writing, it follows a pattern, where I seem to write about the emotional climate of the planet years ahead of time.

What’s happening today, I felt and wrote about 8 years ago. From 2014:

We’ve entered a paradox, a disorienting landscape where normal no longer exists, certainty, morphed into a vexatious pit of frightening unknowns, and anxiety, duly justified.

And while the consideration of other’s opinions was once a comforting reassurance of “I belong,” it now knocks us off balance. For instead of landing us comfortably into a known haven, we reel through an overwhelming minefield of unexpected and brutally divisive perspectives that threaten to destroy all we think we know.

Simply put, compelling arguments for ANY point of view exist about everything. Who and what can we believe?

No one....

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No One Left Behind

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

No One Left Behind

I know how to not be anxious, but I don’t kAnow how not to be sad.

But a thought came to me recently that has given optimism a strong foothold in my mind.

It’ll be unpopular.

I don’t delve into politics; I never have. The vision of a world living in peace, with no one left behind, has kept blinders on me and compelled me to spend my time focused on trying to build a bridge of awareness and understanding from here to there.

Policy, systems, money, business, industry, law…

I don’t deny the benefits I have reaped over the course of my life that the above-mentioned elements of a modern society have provided. I am very grateful. But to a part of me, none of it has felt natural and every moment engaged with it felt like borrowed time.

As a result, I’ve moved through various stages of unease over the years, sensing that something was terribly off.

I chalked it up to Generalized Anxiety, eventually beat the worry, and found personal...

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Transition Team Earth


The planet is ready. Are the people?

Many of us today feel called to help save something… animals, seeds, trees, the rainforest, the oceans, the list is long, and within every broad category are countless specific areas of focus. Like the conservationist who is passionate about solenodons.

I didn’t know what they are either and had to look it up. And it has stayed with me because I find it a fun word to say. Try it. 


What is it for you? Bumblebee bats? Getting cats out of kill shelters? Do you send in donations to save the whales?

Do it once, and your newsfeed is suddenly flooded with hard to see and read drama. It’s overwhelming.

We can’t attack global healing head on and “save the planet” in the traditional ways that we usually go about things, because it’s actually not what we are here to do.

We are here to create change from the inside out.

Stay with me here. Because that is not, not, not an empty...

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Stop Anxiety Naturally

anxiety relief Sep 19, 2019

To stop anxiety naturally, you have to “go within.” Gah! So frustrating and vague and not an answer that is even remotely helpful when anxiety symptoms take over. But alas, it’s true.

I have lived with chronic anxiety for years, actually several decades now, and even suffered from a multiple year stretch of panic attacks mid stride. It’s debilitating and steals your life away.

Looking back, I see a big disconnect between where I was and how I got to where I am today, which is nearly anxiety free. And what I mean by “disconnect” is that the answer to stopping anxiety naturally isn’t offered to us in its complete form.

Yeah, yeah, the basics are there for most of us – up your self-care game and get good sleep, exercise to release tension in the body, take a technology hiatus, find the right herbs and supplements, spend time in nature, cut sugar and drink more green smoothies… we know the drill and yet, we’re still...

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Why Relief from Anxiety Can't Be Found Here

anxiety relief Aug 23, 2019

I lived with it every day: a sick sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach the second I became aware of being awake in each morning, random waves of overwhelming anxiety all day long, and sudden leaps out of bed at the moment of just falling asleep.

I couldn’t escape it. I couldn’t find relief and could never put my finger on it, so I turned to the most logical source: there must be something wrong with me.

And then this happened, one of the many unexplained incidents that have occurred in my life. I call them "in-between" experiences, where I find myself in a state of being that is not a wakeful state, yet I am not asleep. 

This one occurred in 1992, while I was resting late one night on the show grounds at a horse event in Canada.

I first became aware that I was standing on top of a hill. The terrain was hilly, familiar, like home, except this earth wasn’t covered by many trees; it was covered, instead, with a lush carpet of beautiful and brilliant...

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See Yourself Through the Eyes of... [Part 2]


Recently, I alluded to a process that would enable you to see yourself through your own subconscious and experience “who you are,” just as you can by interacting with a horse.

It’s called Invision®, and it facilitated a major breakthrough in my life.

Here is my story.

It starts when I met a version of me who abruptly entered my life on March 11, 1984, when I was 14. It was the day I broke, literally fractured into pieces, and even my clouded and muted awareness of it was terrifying.

Spending time with horses was the only thing that soothed me. I found their strength and physical size to be comforting.

Being creatures that are always aware of what’s happening in the moment, horses taught me how to be present and how to accept without judgment. They also modeled compassion, though it took decades for me to understand it.

I learned how to sit with my own inner turmoil, but it wasn’t until nearly thirty years later that I found the Invision...

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See Yourself Through the Eyes of... [Part 1 ]

subconscious drivers Jul 29, 2019

...a horse, or see yourself through the eyes of your own subconscious. Both offer a very similar experience, one that is potentially life-changing.

When you have someone translate for you what the behaviors and body language of a horse tell you about your energy and “who you are” to that horse, you experience a potential healing moment of being seen.

Here’s what I mean.

Even if we have worked to be emotionally open or are already naturally so, there is a degree of protection that we all carry, a pretend “front” that greets the world first and keeps our more tender parts safe behind an invisible wall.

The irony here is that this wall also "protects" anxiety. But when we interact with a horse, those parts can’t hide, as a horse doesn’t know that the wall exists and sees right through the mask we show other people.

As humans, we have a limited ability to read the energy of other people. Yes, some of us are more tuned in to...

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Why Am I Anxious?

understand anxiety Jul 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what drives anxiety? There are many pieces of this puzzle, and the Us Against Them construct that we live in is one.

Schools, sports teams, religions, politics - it’s nearly inescapable, and within this design, blame flies unchecked and compels us to fight harder. But is defending any one perspective serving us well? Why do we do it and what is the cost?

We all share a deep need to fit in, which probably originated from an instinctual knowing that safety exists in numbers; as part of the tribe, like animals in a herd, I have a better chance of survival.

But while we have evolved past needing to be on the lookout for top of the food chain predators while trekking down aisle seven, we still seek out the company, acceptance, and love of others. Our need to belong goes beyond just wanting to stay physically alive; we rely on it as a key ingredient of our ability to thrive.


We all want to be seen, acknowledged, heard, and valued; we...

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