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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


The Big Picture View

Anxiety has purpose and is trying to get our attention. Learn what that means for you and the world at large. 


Brain Waves are the New Key

Traditional self-care is a Beta Brain Wave Based Practice and isn't enough. Makes you wonder what alpha and theta brain waves do? When it comes to anxiety... A LOT!  


There's More to the Story Here...

This isn't about managing symptoms for temporary relief. It's about transforming anxiety into energy that you can use to do what you love. Because YOU have a gift the world needs.

Contact the Subconscious Mind for Real Relief

Lasting relief isn't found through better self-care (though that helps)... this is about learning how to change the drivers of anxiety at their source.

Watch now to learn what it takes to find relief that sticks.

A Note From Jeanne...

Anxiety isn't what we think it is.

Years of chronic anxiety and panic left me hopeless. While well-meaning friends and doctors gave sage advice, I found myself resigned to the idea that I was flawed, aka "too sensitive."

Sensitive, yes! Too sensitive? No!

Anxiety is on the rise, but not for the reason we think.

We aren't failing at managing stress.. we are being invited to become more of who we are.

And yes, we NEED that high sensitivity ;)

Discover what's holding you back.

Anxiety is a big and growing problem, but not for the reason we think.

Why might happen if all the highly sensitive people of the world got mobilized?

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