Anxiety Helps Us to Birth a New Humanity

I’ve never thought of myself as a psychic, and I still don’t. I’m also not an astrologer and can’t read the stars. But when I look back at my writing, it follows a pattern, where I seem to write about the emotional climate of the planet years ahead of time.

What’s happening today, I felt and wrote about 8 years ago. From 2014:

We’ve entered a paradox, a disorienting landscape where normal no longer exists, certainty, morphed into a vexatious pit of frightening unknowns, and anxiety, duly justified.

And while the consideration of other’s opinions was once a comforting reassurance of “I belong,” it now knocks us off balance. For instead of landing us comfortably into a known haven, we reel through an overwhelming minefield of unexpected and brutally divisive perspectives that threaten to destroy all we think we know.

Simply put, compelling arguments for ANY point of view exist about everything. Who and what can we believe?

No one. But this is actually the blessing in disguise. It’s painful and terrifying, but perfect and necessary.

For at the risk of sounding unforgivably cliché, truth and peace can only be found within, and we now have no choice but to turn our focus inward to discover for ourselves what that really means.

This is anxiety’s raison d’etre: to teach us how to know and trust the heart.

I can count on one hand the number of experiences I have had that were predictive, as far as knowing real details, but I seem to be able to feel where we are heading as a collective with great accuracy.

This tuning in makes me one of the weird ones. It’s ok; I’ve come to accept who I am ;)

So what's next?

What I feel on the horizon is more rage and fear, which is causing a split in me. Part of me wants to hide under a rock until it passes; the other stands at the edge of a cliff waiting for the army of orcs to appear, with an Aragorn-like “Bring It” determination that makes me unshakeable.

For what follows is relief and unbounded joy, at levels we currently don’t know, albeit mixed with some bittersweet sadness along the way.

When I feel into the whole process, it sounds a lot like I’m describing what physical birth might feel like if we could remember, with the sadness being due to the forgetting of Who-We-Really-Are. We burst onto this 3D scene covered with a heavy blanket of loss in the here and now, a “side-effect” of being human that weighs us down with invisible and unnamed grief that we then unknowingly carry through life.

Birth may be beautiful, but disconnection from Home is painful.

If this is, indeed, a new kind of birth, we have already begun to feel the contractions. Active labor is nearing and going to be intense.

But oh the joy that awaits!

For just beyond THIS birthing threshold lies a sudden and dramatic expansion of consciousness that enables more of us to access the Greater Reality. To find the knowing that we are more. And to reestablish our connection to Home.

The sadness comes for those who aren’t ready, a piece that feels unavoidable but not wrong, as events are unfolding in “perfect order.” From the human perspective of today’s limited awareness, this seems unspeakably harsh in light of the pain we feel, but perspective is exactly what is ready to change.

There are beings who extend immeasurable compassion as I write this – yes, non-human beings – who have been present all along and who watch in anticipation, this “birthing” event. There are others who don’t care, who are more disconnected from the source of all things than we are, and who seek only to survive.

Earth giving “birth” gives them access to a tremendous amount of energy that they feel they need for themselves, for whatever that means.

Are they what some people call the Dark Ones? I don’t know.

What I do know is that we have much more say in how events unfold than we realize, not by pushing against what we see out there, but by learning how to activate the technology that lies dormant within us all: our own DNA.  

More to come about all this, specifically about how to find the key to unlocking our collective potential for creating a harmonious, new future, which is all about harnessing the creative power of energy, emotion, and intention.

And what does any of this have to do with anxiety?

Anxiety gives us the clearest roadmap for navigating these changes that lie ahead, and it contains a treasure trove of energy that is ripe for transformation.

It gives us the information we need for knowing which way to go,

For finding our purpose,

And, ultimately, for becoming more of who we are.


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