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The planet is ready. Are the people?

Many of us today feel called to help save something… animals, seeds, trees, the rainforest, the oceans, the list is long, and within every broad category are countless specific areas of focus. Like the conservationist who is passionate about solenodons.

I didn’t know what they are either and had to look it up. And it has stayed with me because I find it a fun word to say. Try it. 


What is it for you? Bumblebee bats? Getting cats out of kill shelters? Do you send in donations to save the whales?

Do it once, and your newsfeed is suddenly flooded with hard to see and read drama. It’s overwhelming.

We can’t attack global healing head on and “save the planet” in the traditional ways that we usually go about things, because it’s actually not what we are here to do.

We are here to create change from the inside out.

Stay with me here. Because that is not, not, not an empty...

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