See Yourself Through the Eyes of... [Part 1 ]

subconscious drivers Jul 29, 2019

...a horse, or see yourself through the eyes of your own subconscious. Both offer a very similar experience, one that is potentially life-changing.

When you have someone translate for you what the behaviors and body language of a horse tell you about your energy and “who you are” to that horse, you experience a potential healing moment of being seen.

Here’s what I mean.

Even if we have worked to be emotionally open or are already naturally so, there is a degree of protection that we all carry, a pretend “front” that greets the world first and keeps our more tender parts safe behind an invisible wall.

The irony here is that this wall also "protects" anxiety. But when we interact with a horse, those parts can’t hide, as a horse doesn’t know that the wall exists and sees right through the mask we show other people.

As humans, we have a limited ability to read the energy of other people. Yes, some of us are more tuned in to others and can do this quite well, but none of us has as clear a view as the animals do. We don’t see what they see because we are more accustomed to relying on words to communicate, words to learn, and words to think about and process what we experience.

Words, to humans, are literally king in this world.

But are they? Here’s a very commonly played out scenario with the horses that challenges this base-line belief.

Say you come to meet the herd and are assigned the task of leading one horse from point A to point B, an easy exercise, right? Your goal in sight, you gather your lead rope and head out, but the straight line there and back that you had initially scoped out, quickly disappears when the horse decides to make a sudden left turn.

Wait, what? This was supposed to be easy...

The horse bumps your shoulder and pushes you off track, and even comes dangerously close to stepping on your foot. You step back in defense, only to be pulled unexpectedly in the other direction, when it changes its mind and yanks you to the right.

Ah, the perfect patch of grass has been found. Head down, the horse has now planted its feet and is grazing, and no amount of pulling from you can get it to move. You give up, shoulder aching, ego bruised.

What just happened?

The questions I ask are, “How does this feel familiar? What does the horse’s behavior mean to you?”

“I feel like I do when I’m at work!” Comes the surprised and often tearful answer.

What the horse has instantly revealed is a habitual energy dynamic that says:

"I am unsure, and I cannot lead. In the face of the unknown, I will step back and let someone else take control. I see what I want, but, through a habit of allowing the needs of others to come before my own, I lack the confidence that I will get what I want. Experience has shown me that I usually have to yield to others and wait, or let something go entirely for fear of getting hurt. I’m exhausted and ready to give up.”

This type of energy can result in being “stepped on” in life and easily pushed around. Other people may take advantage of your allowing nature and do what they want, paying little to no attention to your needs. In the end, they usually reach their goal, but where are you?

Cast aside feeling ignored, hurt, resentful, and insignificant.

The horse is a mirror and shows us what life reflects back to us day to day based on the energy we carry. The above example is a type of interaction that is very common, especially for women and for those with anxiety.

But here’s when the transformation can occur.

When we shift this energy into empowered confidence and repeat the exercise, it’s almost as if an entirely different horse shows up to be led around. How and why did it become so compliant, light on the lead rope, and easy to steer?

These are not magical training tricks. The illuminating moment that shocks nearly everyone I work with is when they realize how HUGE a role our energy plays in ALL of our interactions. It’s nearly everything.

The truth is that our words are quite weak in this world, and energy is actually king.

Think of it this way.

The way in which we use words is similar to having been given a toy toaster to make toast. A word, spoken or in thought, is not the all-powerful tool we believe it to be. Not aligning it with the proper energy to back it up is like trying to use that toy toaster without the ability to plug it in.

What do we end up with? Limp, unchanged bread.

This is why prayer, affirmations, and our wants and desires often fail to manifest. It's also why wanting to feel better and practicing good self-care  to ease symptoms isn't enough to make anxiety go away. The alignment between the words we use and the energy we feel around them is often incongruent, and in the end, energy wins.

So how do we remedy this? Master our energy. Make contact with the invisible world that lies beneath our words.

We don’t all have access to horses, but we DO all have access to a similarly powerful type of in-real-time interaction that can show us who we are and what type of energy we are bringing to the table in any given moment: the subconscious mind. But just as with horses, we need a way to communicate.

The horse does not use words, and neither does the subconscious.

In both cases, we must learn how to interpret what we SEE, specifically, with the horse we interpret its behavior and body language, and with the subconscious mind, we interpret the symbols and metaphors that it presents to us.

But how do we find, see, or sense the pictures that the subconscious mind would show us? Simply invite it to do so. This is where the Invision Process® comes in, a revolutionary new tool that enables you to see yourself through the eyes of your own soul.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could all see ourselves like the horses do?

With Invision®, you can. It enables you to be your own mirror and see your own mask. It gives you the awareness you need to then know how to transform it or drop it altogether.

Are you ready? Because we're about to go deep ;)

It's time to tear down anxiety's armour and set ourselves free.

[stay tuned for Part 2 to read more about the Invision Process®]


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