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See Yourself Through the Eyes of... [Part 1 ]

subconscious drivers Jul 29, 2019

...a horse, or see yourself through the eyes of your own subconscious. Both offer a very similar experience, one that is potentially life-changing.

When you have someone translate for you what the behaviors and body language of a horse tell you about your energy and “who you are” to that horse, you experience a potential healing moment of being seen.

Here’s what I mean.

Even if we have worked to be emotionally open or are already naturally so, there is a degree of protection that we all carry, a pretend “front” that greets the world first and keeps our more tender parts safe behind an invisible wall.

The irony here is that this wall also "protects" anxiety. But when we interact with a horse, those parts can’t hide, as a horse doesn’t know that the wall exists and sees right through the mask we show other people.

As humans, we have a limited ability to read the energy of other people. Yes, some of us are more tuned in to...

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