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The planet is ready. Are the people?

Many of us today feel called to help save something… animals, seeds, trees, the rainforest, the oceans, the list is long, and within every broad category are countless specific areas of focus. Like the conservationist who is passionate about solenodons.

I didn’t know what they are either and had to look it up. And it has stayed with me because I find it a fun word to say. Try it. 

Solenodon! 😉

What is it for you? Bumblebee bats? Getting cats out of kill shelters? Do you send in donations to save the whales?

Do it once, and your newsfeed is suddenly flooded with hard to see and read drama. It’s overwhelming.

We can’t attack global healing head on and “save the planet” in the traditional ways that we usually go about things, because it’s actually not what we are here to do.

We are here to create change from the inside out.

Stay with me here. Because that is not, not, not an empty platitude.  

The old way of fixing problems – pushing stuff around in the material world – is slow and cumbersome. It requires time and effort, neither of which are enough to keep up with the ever-tangled disharmony out there.

Besides, we’re anxious and struggling to get through the day.

But that’s actually a key clue.

Meet the Quiet Ones™

A large group of people are here to help, a team of people who have the ability to accelerate the expansion of consciousness on the planet, which is where all the material madness comes from: our thoughts.

True story.

But the world doesn’t see it that way. To say that we create reality invites cynical eye rolls – a “we need more than your thoughts and prayers” sarcastic retort.  

Don’t be deterred.

Just because the current definition of reality IS incomplete, just because the generally accepted understanding of how it all works IS lacking, does not mean that we are off target.

The adherence to outdated beliefs is exactly why the world erratically spins in doubt.

And why anxiety is growing.

This definition on “the nature of reality” largely ignores a wider view and turns a dismissive eye toward people who experience things that don't fit. The anomalies of life, the “unexplainables,” are only regarded as interesting at best or a source of ridicule at worst, to most people.

And it keeps the ones who know very quiet.

I’m talking about out-of-body experiences (OBEs), near death experiences (NDEs), spiritually transformative experiences (STEs), psychic phenomena, telepathy, extra-terrestrial and interdimensional contact, ghostly encounters, mediumship, prophecy, etc., to name a few, most of which I have experienced.

But wait.

Is the "most people" part true? I don't think so.

The idea that “experiencers” are in the minority is a common misconception that has created a heart-wrenching roadblock to our shared sense of purpose, which is to help the world usher in a new era in whatever small or larger than life degree that we feel called to.

The problem is that this perception of "most people aren't interested" has unknowingly muzzled a large group of people – maybe even the world’s majority – as one of our traits is to be accommodating to others.

Don't push. Don't impose. Let things be.

Being quiet is a side effect of listening and acceptance, instruments for providing space for others to move around, express themselves, and heal. And because this group of quiet listeners is so sensitive to impact, neither speaking up nor finding fellow team members for support is easy.

This leads to isolation that feeds the already present and now growing anxiety. Anxiety that is trying to get our attention.

The Truth

Some Quiet Ones™ are lifelong experiencers who are intimately aware of the larger reality that our current one exists in. Others just sense that something is “off” and feel driven to near breakdown with a need to know, but are drowning in anxiety.

For the latter, know this:

The “off-ness” you feel is palpable to many, meaning, you’re not alone. The off-ness is due to a world that doesn’t accept the Greater Reality as really being real. Or relevant. Yet THIS is the source of its pain.

But why does it matter? And what about the anxiety that must be reined in... because let’s get real. We are too overwhelmed to save the world.

Here’s the deal.

By acknowledging and making direct contact with the Greater Reality, we take care of BOTH:

  1. For anxiety, fear falls away when you know and experience first-hand the part of you that is more than a body
  2. For our global mire, the solutions we think we need become unnecessary because problems get transcended

PERSPECTIVE changes everything. Literally.

How might the world change if we acknowledged the very real presence of non-human life?
How might the world change if we experienced layers of reality where the body isn’t needed? And instead, it is appropriately acknowledged as one of the countless ways that we may chose to express ourselves as energy beings?
How might the world change if more people knew the truth, than not?
How might the world change if unconditional love came through in full force?

Only STE-ers  NDE-ers, and some OBE-ers know what I’m talking about with that last one.

But as Way-Showers, we face obstacles:

We are isolated, disconnected, and feel powerless to do anything about the chaos and pain.

We feel outnumbered, when the opposite is more likely to be true.

And when we don’t understand our sensitive nature or strange experiences, and seek out answers from the systems, institutions, and people that, by no fault of their own, are stuck defending the status quo, we fall into despair.

End result?

Back to being QUIET. Nothing changes, except for one thing:

Anxiety continues to grow.

Ask an anxiety sufferer why they are anxious, and you’ll get a myriad of answers:

…It’s stress
…Too much to do and not enough time
…The news
…Not enough money
…Bad relationships
…I’m just so sensitive and overwhelmed

All old news.

And none of them call out the real reason hidden underneath.

We are here to facilitate a paradigm shift. And if we are not actively participating by being who we really are in the world, anxiety will stubbornly remain at the level of needing to be managed.

In order to overcome anxiety and discover purpose, we must expand into the knowing of who and what we really are. Live our truth authentically, fully, and without fear.

We must make the Greater Reality KNOWN to this 3-D experience.

THIS is the work at hand for the Quiet Ones™.

The fact that this group is tolerant and patient by nature, or “allowing,” means that its members often defer to others. But this habit obscures the true self where the new reality is known and only serves to reinforce the silence that keeps us stuck.

And btw, the Greater Reality is not a “new” reality. Just new to the outer world’s awareness.

Champion the Truth

It's time to stop waiting. It’s time to stop trying to fit onto a world that we know is upside down.

It’s time to stop acquiescing to an old-world view by managing the symptoms of anxiety. It’s time to break through the boundaries of reality’s current definition and OVERCOME anxiety.

By expanding our awareness. Making it more real than real.

It’s time to break our silence.

So acknowledge it. Talk about it. Experience it. Share personal stories about it. Live from it. 

Most importantly, feel your way through it. Because the heart is the gateway. 

This is a rallying cry for Transition Team Earth, to call forward its founding members.

If we harness the power of focused intention, if we insist on collaboration over competition, and if we openly and unapologetically share what we see, feel and KNOW beyond our five senses, we might just do what we came here to do.

Enter Resonant Reality Creation

A large number of us have been in the business of practicing personal development for a while now, honing our skills as co-creative manifestors in our humble little corners of the world. We don't need convincing that there's more to reality than what the consensus says there is, and we already know that we are powerful when it comes to influencing our own experience.

But we DO need confidence in knowing that we can make a difference in the world at large.

We aren’t a very organized lot.. how can we be when we’ve worked so hard at giving ourselves permission to follow the beat of our own drum?

Well, it's time to pull up our bootstraps and step into the big arena. Together. It’s time to synchronize our steps and belt out a harmonious symphony of transformation.

If we view humanity's history as a movie, today is the part of the plot where the Quiet Ones™ all come out of hiding and stop being quiet, showing everyone who we really are and leading the way with one voice.

A voice that makes the Greater Reality known to everyone.

That 'the time is now' feeling that we've carried for – well, maybe eons – has become unbearable to those of us who feel it. And if you have read this far, you are most likely anxious for this very reason.

Are you part of Transition Team Earth?


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