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See Yourself Through the Eyes of... [Part 2]


Recently, I alluded to a process that would enable you to see yourself through your own subconscious and experience “who you are,” just as you can by interacting with a horse.

It’s called Invision®, and it facilitated a major breakthrough in my life.

Here is my story.

It starts when I met a version of me who abruptly entered my life on March 11, 1984, when I was 14. It was the day I broke, literally fractured into pieces, and even my clouded and muted awareness of it was terrifying.

Spending time with horses was the only thing that soothed me. I found their strength and physical size to be comforting.

Being creatures that are always aware of what’s happening in the moment, horses taught me how to be present and how to accept without judgment. They also modeled compassion, though it took decades for me to understand it.

I learned how to sit with my own inner turmoil, but it wasn’t until nearly thirty years later that I found the Invision...

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