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Why Am I Anxious?

understand anxiety Jul 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what drives anxiety? There are many pieces of this puzzle, and the Us Against Them construct that we live in is one.

Schools, sports teams, religions, politics - it’s nearly inescapable, and within this design, blame flies unchecked and compels us to fight harder. But is defending any one perspective serving us well? Why do we do it and what is the cost?

We all share a deep need to fit in, which probably originated from an instinctual knowing that safety exists in numbers; as part of the tribe, like animals in a herd, I have a better chance of survival.

But while we have evolved past needing to be on the lookout for top of the food chain predators while trekking down aisle seven, we still seek out the company, acceptance, and love of others. Our need to belong goes beyond just wanting to stay physically alive; we rely on it as a key ingredient of our ability to thrive.


We all want to be seen, acknowledged, heard, and valued; we...

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